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Welcome to B G Services!

Business Solutions with Quality Results

B G Services delivers tangible results for company top-line and bottom-line growth while enhancing business value. We deploy a tactical and strategic approach through the implementation of executive coaching, strategic planning, succession planning, business process improvements and customized training programs while working with you and your team in implementing these solutions. Our services have been successfully implemented in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Texas, Florida and California .

BGS is a proven service-based consulting and business advisory firm dedicated to tailored customized activities that help organizations to strategically increase profitability while improving processes, customer focus, culture and business operational performance. 

BGS offers expert facilitation in the growth of companies as they enhance their business value through executive coaching, strategic planning, succession planning, lean transformation and customized training programs. Business Growth Services has demonstrated over 30 years of expertise in assisting companies as we "Guide you to the Top."

Comments from Our Clients

“Without hesitation or reservation, Morrie has my highest recommendation as a strategic planning consultant, executive coach, and all around trusted advisor to help grow your business or organization. He challenges me in the most appropriate ways to be a better leader and executive, paying close attention to provide counsel where I lack knowledge or experience, and encouragement of both my strengths and weaknesses - which is not always easy. His years of industry and consulting experience, delivered at reasonable fees, provide all the value proposition you would need to hire him as a service provider.”

             John Dixon - Executive Director, Keystone Innovation Zone

“Morrie has been my executive coach for the past 3 years. His extensive experience as a leader, and manufacturing executive along with his arsenal of lean and continuous improvement tools contributed to revenue growth from $12M to $24M during the recent economic downturn. His personable and intuitive personality transformed an entire group of line leaders with a small company mindset into a dynamic group of mid-level managers. He also used his strategic management techniques and relationship mediation to mentor upper level managers into a habit of continuous improvement while avoiding the politics and fears usually associated with change”
Cindy Pell - Executive Vice President Manufacturing Operations, Spectrum Microwave
Morrie has helped us overcome obstacles, guided us through the strategic planning process and most importantly helped us become a better more profitable company. Morrie is always professional with our people whether facilitating and coaching a soul searching meeting or pressing us to stretch our goals and visions. With Morrie as our mentor and coach we gained objective outside perspectives on issues that are critical to our success and profit”

Craig Marshall - Executive VP and Business Owner, Macron Dynamics

“Working with Morrie Feinman has been instrumental in helping our company understand the benefit of strategic planning and management through Key Performance Indicators. Morrie has helped and coached us to design key performance indicators that are meaningful to our customer and overall health of our business”

Jim Westhoff - President and Owner, A-Lok Products

 Morrie has helped coach us to define who we are…as a team, where we want to go strategically…as a company, and reach our own personal goals…as individuals. Morrie is a valued business coach, trusted advisor and member of our TEAM!”

Cookie Mahon - President, American Kitchen Machinery

Morrie really understands business and how to improve performance. I have found his business coaching to be very open, honest, service oriented and dedicated to the success of his clients. His early understanding of Lean Transformation and  consulting strategy came from hands-on experience and it positively impacts his ability to lead/guide improvement efforts”.

Ed Gardner - VP Quality & Continuous Improvement, Greene Tweed

Morrie is one of the most conscientious and competent business consultants and coach that I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is thorough and keeps his client's needs and expectations clearly in focus. He really does fit the description of business advisor'." 

Martin Gilligan - MARTIN & ASSOCIATES 

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